Make happiness a habit

It’s time to make mental wellbeing into a habit, the mental fitness habit, your ‘10,000 steps’ of mental wellbeing!

Joye is an engaging mental wellbeing service for everyone, every day. Speak your mind and Joye’s context sensitive suggestions will keep you positive and productive amidst your emotional flux.

Joye’s AI is trained to recognise your unique situation with extreme privacy, and it will guide you with the right care at the right time. These suggestions include mood analytics, podcasts and tips to help you to take charge of your wellbeing.


Right care when you need it the most

You don’t have to go very far, Joye is seamlessly embedded in your Microsoft Teams. Imagine during your online work-day, Joye prompts you to recharge when you need it the most. Boost your productivity with our quick-fix Stress busters or try Joye’s Daily Brew. Take charge of your wellbeing, now it’s easy!

Speak your mind in a safe and anonymized space. You can speak, write or take a guided reflection. 

Joye will understand you and give you some good advice – just like your mentor or a dear friend would have guided you. You can also manage your daily joy level.


You’ve got a plan. You are now ready to take on the rest of your day! 

No one is listening

You have our promise to protect your privacy with advanced technology and strict privacy policy.

When you speak or write, we immediately anonymise your expression and no one can ever know what you spoke. Not only this, Joye’s technology is EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliant, to protect your privacy at the highest level. More Details

Speak your mind freely!

Bringing joy to work-life with partners

“A healthy mind is a productive mind. As a business leader and a parent, I have seen cases where small anxieties could manifest into bigger issues - affecting work and health. This can be managed better.

It is time to make mental wellbeing easy and engaging - like the ease of ’10,000 steps’ revolutionised physical fitness a decade ago.”

Sanjeev Magotra

“A person has a 1 in 5 lifetime chance of developing a mental illness worldwide. Sometimes it can be prevented or identified early so as to reduce the long term complications. A person has every chance of developing mental health problems when we allow stress to overwhelm us without appropriate coping mechanisms. We need to find ways to manage our stress better so that we can find joy in living. Joye is a step in this direction.”

Dr Daniel Fung
CEO Institute of Mental Health Singapore

Welcome to Joye!

This is a 30 day trial-version for you to experience Joye. We encourage you to try the Daily Brew and Stress Buster features.

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Unlike the version of Joye for Microsoft Teams,
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