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2022: It’s Time for Mental Fitness

The global pandemic has clearly highlighted the importance of keeping mentally fit, healthy and well. Globally we have seen a rapid increase in people reporting that their mental health has suffered. Workplaces play a critical role in ensuring people are supported in their wellbeing journey. Mental wellbeing has a significant impact on productivity. This is becoming even more critical when Gen Z and Millennials, who are 3 to 4 times more prone to stress and anxiety, are fast becoming the majority of the workforce.

Joye, an AI-powered based start-up, has partnered with Microsoft to launch an innovative mental wellbeing habit in Microsoft Teams. Joye is an engaging experience to make mental wellbeing into a habit, the mental fitness habit – your ‘10,000 steps’ of mental wellbeing!

Imagine after a stressful call, Joye prompts you to recharge and boost your productivity again!

In the matters of the mind, it is the timing of the care that matters the most. Getting the right suggestion when you are down and confused is more powerful than a thousand mental wellbeing apps in your phone. This is exactly what Joye does, and why it is different from anything you have seen in mental wellbeing till date. Joye analyses your work patterns in Microsoft Teams with extreme privacy and delivers timely suggestions to measure and manage your wellbeing when you may need it the most. This is empowering every employee in the hybrid workplace – especially when they are lonely, overworked and stressed.

Welcome to Joye!

This is a 30 day trial-version for you to experience Joye. We encourage you totry the Daily Brew, Stress Busters and Blessings features.

You can easily sign in with your gmail account

For the best experience, please try it on your notebook.

Unlike the version of Joye for Microsoft Teams,
you will not be able to experience the intelligent prompting features here