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Microsoft Teams Can Tell When Users Are Stressed, Overworked & Share Mental Fitness Habits

Workplace mental health support online

This is being offered in collaboration with Joye, a Singapore-based wellbeing technology company.  Microsoft Teams administrators can easily turn Joye on for the organisation with a single click from the Teams’ app store.

Joye analyses work patterns in Microsoft Teams and send suggestions. This is empowering every employee in the hybrid workplace – especially when they are lonely, overworked and stressed said Sanjeev Magotra, Founder and CEO of Joye.

For example, Joye’s Daily Brew empowers users to measure and manage their daily well-being. The user can speak, write, or follow a guided reflection in a safe and anonymised space. Joye’s AI is trained to recognise the user’s unique situation and then assist them with joy-level mood analytics, behavioural coaching, and short podcasts.

Corporate mental health online resource

Joye’s Stress Busters are two-minute breathing techniques to streamline the mind at that critical time when Joye senses that there is a high probability that stress may be affecting the user’s mental fitness and decision-making.

“Microsoft Teams users can enjoy options to build and cement their habit of mental fitness and personal well-being, as they use the Teams platform for events, employee experiences, communications, and collaboration in a secure way,” said Joanna Lim, Business Group lead, Modern Work & Security, Microsoft Singapore.

Joye does not share individual data with the employer or anyone else, claims the firm. To help corporations develop data-driven wellbeing programmes, Joye can consolidate the anonymised data as a management dashboard of the daily emotional health of the organisation. Organisations can subscribe to Joye’s enterprise subscription licence.

With studies finding that mental wellbeing has a significant impact of 35 per cent on productivity, and inspired by how ‘10,000 steps’ revolutionised physical fitness a decade ago, Joye weaves mental wellbeing into daily work-life to help users build and sustain a mental fitness habit.

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