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We strive to be the best version of ourselves every day - emotionally, socially, and professionally. To be our physical best we work on our physical fitness. To be our best self emotionally, socially and professionally we need to work on our Mental Fitness! We all need support to manage day-to-day stress and anxieties, to be our best self, and to add joy to work.

Our design thinking recognised this as a latent need for mental fitness. The habit that enables us to be our best every day - the '10,000 steps' for mental fitness. Joye is the mental fitness habit, and your employees need it.

Joye enables every employee to become a better version of themselves by weaving personalised nudges for positive mental health in the flow of work. This also enables the culture and productivity you are seeking for your company. Welcome to Wellbeing 2.0. Productivity 2.0. Culture 2.0.

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In a global partnership with Microsoft, Joye is weaving mental fitness inside Microsoft 365. Imagine, on a Monday Joye shares personalised recommendations to make this a better week. During the week, imagine after a stressful meeting Joye prompts you to recharge and enables you to be your best self again. Imagine, on a Friday Joye prompts you to think of what went well this week, and prepares you for a great weekend! Joye shares personalised and engaging advice for every employee's unique state-of-mind to make them happier and productive - like a good people manager would. While this helps the wellbeing of the employees, it also builds culture and improves productivity for the company.

Measure and manage daily
emotional health of the company.

Employee wellbeing is now recognised as the foundation of culture and productivity for companies with a growing mix of Gen Z and Millennials. Post-pandemic wellbeing is fast evolving from occasional-care for some people, to daily-engagement for everyone.

Unlike in the past when employee wellbeing meant subscribing to an EAP or a counselling service, now there is an imminent need to optimise employee wellbeing function to address mental fitness for the full 100% of the workforce. This enables essential business benefits of reducing health risk, increasing productivity, and building culture.

Joye Insights provides an anonymised dashboard of daily emotional health of your company. These actionable insights enable you to manage the sentiment and culture in a better way.

Joye is the enterprise grade platform to consolidate your employee wellbeing function through Microsoft 365. Engaging. Effective. Open & Scalable. Private. Secure. GDPR compliant. Microsoft 365 certified. IS027001 certified.


What’s your Joy Level today?

Joye understands your mind and shares personalised advice to make you happier and productive – feeling right, feeling positive. Joye is the equivalent of the daily ‘10,000 steps’ for mental fitness, woven in the flow of life – it’s The Happiness Habit.

Joye is an intelligent and engaging software that smoothly plugs into other apps and weaves The Happiness Habit with customised journey-maps for various scenarios, e.g. workplace wellbeing, insurance, healthcare, education, consumer-commerce and more.

In partnership with Microsoft, Joye for Microsoft Teams provides personalised advice for every employee’s unique state-of-mind, every day – like a well-trained people manager would.When people have positive mental health, 63% say they are committed to their work and 80% say they’re energized.

Joye is also embedded in Rewardz and Entomo workplace solutions, and is coming soon to more platforms.

In this fast-paced world, maintaining a positive mental attitude at work is crucial for both employees and employers. Recognizing the significance of mental health in the workplace, we’ve created the mental fitness habit and embedded it into Microsoft 365. Joye proactively nudges users with a range of stress management and mental wellness strategies to foster a thriving work environment.

Joye, our employee wellbeing platform is designed to provide comprehensive support for mental health. Through this platform, employees can access resources, engage in wellness programs, and find tools to enhance their mental fitness. Implementing effective workplace mental health strategies is essential for creating a supportive atmosphere. Our approach involves promoting open communication, encouraging work-life balance, and providing resources for stress reduction. Cultivating a positive mental attitude at work is a key driver of productivity and job satisfaction.

Our strategies focus on fostering a positive workplace culture, emphasizing gratitude, and encouraging a growth mindset among employees. Positive psychology principles are integrated into our mental health initiatives, promoting resilience, optimism, and mindfulness. By incorporating these elements, we aim to enhance overall wellbeing and job satisfaction. Positive thinking is a powerful tool for boosting productivity.

Our programs teach employees how to reframe challenges, maintain an optimistic outlook, and leverage positive thoughts to overcome workplace stressors. We prioritize both physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace. Our initiatives include fitness programs, mental health resources, and workshops to create a holistic approach to employee wellness. Just as physical fitness is essential, mental fitness is equally vital. Our workplace programs focus on exercises and practices that enhance cognitive resilience, emotional intelligence, and mental acuity.

Mental Fitness for a Happier and Healthier Life: Our commitment extends beyond the workplace. We provide tools and resources that empower individuals to incorporate mental fitness practices into their daily lives, promoting a happier and healthier overall lifestyle. Joy at Work: Joy is a fundamental aspect of a fulfilling work experience. Through various initiatives, we aim to infuse joy into the workplace, fostering a positive and vibrant atmosphere for employees. How to Be Happy at Work: Happiness at work is achievable with the right strategies. We offer practical tips, resources, and workshops to guide employees on their journey to finding joy and satisfaction in their professional lives.Embrace a workplace that prioritizes mental wellness, positive thinking, and a culture of joy.

Invest in the mental fitness of your team, and witness the transformative impact on both individual happiness and organizational success.

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