The Happiness Habit.

Joye is an engaging user experience to make positive mental health an easy and lifestyle habit. An intelligent plug & play software that understands your unique state-of-mind and shares contextual and personalised content to make you happier and productive. Proactive. Effective. Repeatable.

Embedding Joye
in the flow of life.

Joye is the equivalent of the daily ‘10,000 steps’ for positive mental health that is seamlessly woven in digital lifestyle platforms for workplace productivity, healthcare, insurance or education. This will increase user engagement for the host app, and for consumer platforms like taxi booking, food delivery and eCommerce this could extend to data-driven contextual commerce.

Embedding Joye
Embedding Joye

Joye is not a standalone mobile app. Instead imagine Joye to be an app inside another existing app. Imagine a button in your mobile app’s homepage nudging the user with “What’s your joy level today?”. This triggers the natural action to discover your joy level – it’s the weighing scale of your mental fitness. This leads to bite-sized suggestions through contextual and personalised multi-media content. The whole experience rewards the users with feeling better and happier, and starts the new cycle of daily engagement for the host app.

Joye is an advanced plug & play software that can smoothly integrate inside another app – it adjusts seamlessly within any mobile or desktop experience.

Day-to-day stress and anxiety are challenges that all consumers face, almost every day. You have an opportunity to empathise with them by helping them inside your app, and in the process they’ll build an emotional connection with your app. You can improve engagement for your app, and contextually cascade a journey map to other services. If you’re a health, insurance, education or counselling app, you can triage the users to relevant counselling and support services, when these may be the recommended option. If you’re a consumer app, you could also contextually reward, up-sell or cross-sell products and services. 

For workplace wellbeing Joye is embedded in Microsoft Teams and available through Microsoft Commercial Marketplace with direct billing from Microsoft. Joye is also embedded in employee experience and performance platform Entomo, and rewards and recognition platform Rewardz.
Joye is an light-weight advanced plug & play software that can smoothly integrate inside another app – it adjusts seamlessly within any mobile or desktop experience. In most cases this takes 10 working days. This could vary based on the use case.

We charge a small activation fee, followed by a utility-fee for the agreed use case. We’ll be pleased to understand your use-case and build a win-win business model.  

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