January 21st 2022

Joye will intelligently prompt you with notifications when it senses you need a break in your busy schedule. Joye’s Stress busters will help you to recharge and boost your productivity again! 

In addition, we encourage you to check your joy-level with Joye’s Daily Brew. You can speak, write or try guided reflection. Self-reflection and awareness is a critical action in managing our wellbeing. With extreme privacy Joye will understand your unique situation and give you some good advice – just like your mentor or a dear friend would have guided you. Now you should be ready to take on the rest of your day!

At every stage of the application, you will see an info icon ‘i’, which has detailed information on how to use every feature.

Let’s make mental wellbeing into a habit, the mental fitness habit – your ‘10,000 steps’ of mental wellbeing!

Positive Psychology has the power to make you think and behave in ways which will change the world around you. Joye has converted the science of Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy into an intelligent software for you to manage the emotional flux of your day to day work-life. Speak your mind and Joye will help you to stay positive and productive amidst your emotional flux.

Some inspiring research:

Authentic Happiness, Dr Martin Seligman, University of Pennsylvania

Atlas of Emotions, Dr Paul Ekman and Dalai Lama

No one is listening. You have our promise to protect your privacy with advanced technology and strict privacy policy.

When you speak or write, we immediately anonymize your expression and no one can ever know what you spoke. Not only this, Joye’s technology is EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliant, to protect your privacy at the highest level. https://firebase.google.com/support/privacy

Joye’s data is independently managed by Joye Pte Ltd, Singapore, and your organization will not be able to see your private information. They will only see a high-level overview of the organization’s wellbeing. This will enable your organization to make more empathetic and responsive policy decisions to better serve the emotional needs of your organization. Individual-level information will not be visible to your organization.

We do not intend to use your personal profile and personal information for advertisements. 

Your organization will not be able to access your personal information in Joye, as your identity is protected by our privacy policy and advanced technology.  We may share high-level overview of organization level trends, but the information will not be identifiable to individual users.

We may only disclose your information to a third party where either you have asked this to be done, or if we are legally required to provide some information to the government or other legal governance agencies, which will be an exceptional scenario.

Joye is by no means a medical solution for any mental illness. Joye is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease, illness or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of such conditions. It is not designed or intended to replace any health assessment of a patient, Judgment of clinical professional, or any clinical assessment. The user should consult a medical or professional expert for any cases of mental illness or any other forms of illness or disease. 

In the case of an emergency, please reach out to your family, local community, helplines or your organization’s support services.

It is a paid service which your organization will need to subscribe to Joye for you. We are pleased to offer a free-of-charge trial period for now. Please ask your HR to reach us at: [email protected] to subscribe.

You can read more about our Privacy policy and Terms of service.

We may also choose to write to your organization’s contacts.

You may also write to us at [email protected]. Please mention your employer’s name as a reference. 


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This is a 30 day trial-version for you to experience Joye. We encourage you totry the Daily Brew, Stress Busters and Blessings features.

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Unlike the version of Joye for Microsoft Teams,
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