Turn on your organisation’s wellbeing with
one-click. It's easy!

Leaders appreciate the need for mental wellbeing in the new hybrid workplace. 

But how do you make it really work for your organization?

With Joye, it is now easy!

Joye is an easy and engaging mental wellbeing software-as-a-service smoothly embedded in your Microsoft Teams. With Joye, you can now turn on an effective mental wellbeing service for everyone in the organization with just one click, without compromising your high standards of quality, security, or privacy!

While you will have full control on the security, Joye doesn’t share employees’ private information with the employer or anyone else. User’s private information is protected with our strict privacy policy and advanced technology. This will ensure free and fearless expression and respect for the personal privacy of your employees.

Measure it, while you improve it

While Joye is assisting your employees, it anonymizes the data and presents a dashboard of daily emotional health of your organization to you. You can see a dashboard of daily employee wellbeing and motivation, without traditional surveys.

Improve productivity by up to 35% with just $2 per employee per month*

How will you manage your employee productivity in the new normal?

The answer lies in assisting your employees to maintain a healthy mind even when they are working remotely. Healthy mind is a productive mind. Old ways of employee motivation and wellbeing need serious reengineering in the new hybrid workplace.

Joye is the platform to provide the right care at the right time for the hybrid workplace.

Prevention and productivity service for 100% of your employees

Joye is making mental wellbeing into a habit, the mental fitness habit, your ‘10,000 steps’ of mental wellbeing. In the new normal, everyone needs mental wellbeing support, and Joye is that easy mental wellbeing for everyone, every day!

Welcome to Joye!

This is a 30 day trial-version for you to experience Joye. We encourage you totry the Daily Brew, Stress Busters and Blessings features.

You can easily sign in with your gmail account

For the best experience, please try it on your notebook.

Unlike the version of Joye for Microsoft Teams,
you will not be able to experience the intelligent prompting features here