Data-driven triage to ecosystem of wellbeing services

Organisations need a comprehensive wellbeing strategy to provide the right care at the right time, for everyone every day. Joye for Microsoft Teams builds the foundation for the culture of timely self-care for 100% of the employees and then it can intelligently triage into 3rd party specialist therapy and clinical services. This will also help to optimize the rising mental health costs for the organisations.

We will customise the triage for the clients with their existing wellbeing services and add new 3rd party services, as needed.

Joye invites 3rd party service providers to join the Joye-wellbeing-platform ecosystem to serve your clients better. Write to us for technical certification of your service.

Disclaimer : 3rd party service providers listed here are independent organisations and don’t necessarily approve, endorse or recommend the Joye service, vice-a-versa, Joye doesn’t necessarily approve, endorse or recommend these services. The decision to choose is an independent client decision.

Technically compatible triage services

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