Add joy to work.

Feel Right.
Feel Positive.

Add joy to work

Joye enables every employee to become a better version of themselves by weaving personalised nudges for positive mental health in the flow of work. Welcome to Wellbeing 2.0.

Joye for Microsoft 365

Joye shares timely, personalised and engaging advice for every employee's unique state-of-mind - to make them happier and productive like a good people manager would.

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Invest in Positive Mindset.

For 70% of people their manager has more impact on their mental health than their therapist. With positive mental health, 63% are more committed to their work and 80% are more energized. In addition to delivering human benefits, Joye is driving a serious business impact of over 10x ROI.

Discover ROI for your business.




Discover ROI for your business.


The Wellbeing Platform.
Enterprise grade SaaS.

Employee Wellbeing is now an essential business function like CRM, HRM and ERP. This needs an enterprise-grade solution. Engaging. Effective. Private. GDPR compliant. ISO 27001 Certified. Scalable. End-to-End & Open Platform. Over 10x Business Impact.

Make it your own!

Imagine receiving personalised and contextual advice directly from your own leaders!

In addition to Joye's default content, we could also record content with your company’s own experts and leaders, and map into Joye’s intelligent-context-framework. Wellbeing. Empathy. Culture.

Conditions apply.

What’s your Joy Level today?

Joye understands your mind and shares personalised advice to make you happier and productive – feeling right, feeling positive. Joye is the equivalent of the daily ‘10,000 steps’ for mental fitness, woven in the flow of life – it’s The Happiness Habit.

Joye is an intelligent and engaging software that smoothly plugs into other apps and weaves The Happiness Habit with customised journey-maps for various scenarios, e.g. workplace wellbeing, insurance, healthcare, education, consumer-commerce and more.

In partnership with Microsoft, Joye for Microsoft Teams provides personalised advice for every employee’s unique state-of-mind, every day – like a well-trained people manager would. When people have positive mental health, 63% say they are committed to their work and 80% say they’re energized.

Joye is also embedded in Rewardz and Entomo workplace solutions, and is coming soon to more platforms.

Adding joy to work with partners.

Welcome to Joye!

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