Making happiness a habit

Engaging mental fitness woven in the flow of work

We are inspired by how the ease of  ’10,000 steps’, embedded in the flow of life in watches & phones has become the unit of lifestyle physical fitness. Our design thinking revealed that consumers are seeking similar ease for their mental fitness – to manage daily stresses, to feel positive, to feel happier, every day.

Inspired by the science of positive psychology and best practices in behavioural science, Joye is designed to be your happiness habit. Something to keep you positive, productive and happier in spite of the emotional flux in your day to day life.

What’s your Joy Level today? Take a moment to measure your Joy Level – it’s the weight scale of your mental fitness. Joye will understand you and share advice for your unique state-of-mind – just like a friend, mentor or a well-trained people manager would have done if you were bold enough to share your mind with them. This will uplift you to be your best, every day! Call this as your mental fitness habit – the equivalent of the ‘10,000 steps’ for your mental fitness.

Joye for Microsoft Teams

Personalised advice for every employee's unique state-of-mind, every day - like a well-trained people manager would

Imagine – after a stressful meeting Joye prompts you to recharge and boost your productivity again!

Joye is an engaging mental wellbeing experience seamlessly embedded in Microsoft Teams. Joye provides personalised and contextual advice to every employee for their unique state-a-mind, every day – just like a well-trained people-manager would have done if the employee were bold enough to share their mind with the manager. When people have positive mental health, 63% say they are committed to their work and 80% say they’re energized. 

Welcome to Wellbeing 2.0 – mental fitness for everyone, every day!

Joye is a timely add-on to your organisation’s Microsoft Teams subscription. Your Teams Administrator can activate Joye from the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace with the convenience of direct billing with Microsoft, and the ease of deployment to all your employees with just a few clicks.

The essential wellbeing platform for your hybrid workplace

100% of your workforce needs mental wellbeing support

Build a smart wellbeing triage starting from no-stigma prevention services for everyone, every day – to providing timely EAP support at the right time. Prevent burnout, improve productivity and optimise your mental health cost.

We will customise the triage with your existing support services and/or your EAP providers. You could also choose from our triage partner services.

Joye is your new end-to-end wellbeing platform, designed bottom-up for your new hybrid workplace.

Measure it while you improve it

Adopt the future of work for the hybrid workplace

While employees improve their mental wellbeing, we consolidate the joy-level of all users and share an anonymous dashboard of daily emotional health of the workplace. This complements Viva Insights very well!

Joye and Viva Insights provide greater value together!

While Viva Insights does passive listening with prime focus to provide insights to the managers & HR, Joye's prime focus is to help the employee to stay productive, and in the process Joye provides complementary insights directly from inside the mind of the employee.

No employee data is shared with the employer

No one is listening.

You have our promise to protect your privacy with advanced technology and strict privacy policy

Bringing joy to work-life with partners

Welcome to Joye!

This is a 30 day trial-version for you to experience Joye. We encourage you totry the Daily Brew, Stress Busters and Blessings features.

You can easily sign in with your gmail account

For the best experience, please try it on your notebook.

Unlike the version of Joye for Microsoft Teams,
you will not be able to experience the intelligent prompting features here